LaNirvana Candle Care Instructions

Thank you for entrusting LaNirvana with your wellness journey. May each product offer you with the support and energy you need to be whole in this life.


  1. Treat your intention candle as a sacred tool. Reverence its ability to bring change into your life.
  2. Choose a place to hold a space for yourself. You’ll want to burn your candle in a safe place that is free of clutter, like an altar, a shelf, a meditation room, etc. Choose a space where you feel comfortable and safe. Prepare your space before lighting your candle by burning sage, Palo Santo, or the resin of your choosing.
  3. Before lighting your candle, prepare yourself with meditation and a spiritual bath. A regular shower is just fine if you are not familiar with spiritual baths.
  4. Once you and your space are cleansed and ready to begin, place a bowl of water where you want to burn your candle (as an offering), then place the candle in the bowl of water. Place only one candle in a bowl. Always keep fresh water in the bowl. If the water evaporates, be sure to refill it.
  5. Light the candle to begin. Build a relationship with your candle. You can talk to it, dance in front of it, meditate with it, pray to it or just gaze at it. Give it respect and honor its medicine. Come to your intention candle daily as it burns and talk to it, offer it your prayers & good intentions.
  6. When using this candle to manifest, remember that manifesting works best when we speak in the present, as if we already have what we desire for our lives at this moment; and when we pair strong and well intentions with vivid and specific visualization.
  7. Your intention candle will burn for 4 or 7 days when allowed to burn continuously. If you are not comfortable with the flame burning uninterrupted for that length of time, take care not to blow it out. NEVER blow out your candle. Instead, snuff out the flame with a flame snuffer or glass cup.
  8. Be mindful of whom you share your energy work with. You don’t want anyone’s negative energy or bad medicine interfering with your work. It is very important that you protect your energy.
  9. After the intention candle has completed its life, offer gratitude to the candle, its energy, and spirit for the work, for the flame, for its role in your life. Place the candle in a trash bag and dispose of it outside of your home. Take the bowl of water and pour it outside into nature or down the toilet.

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