4 Ways to Protect Yourself

We all need to feel protected no matter where we are in our lives. Feeling safe and protected is absolutely your right. No matter what, you deserve to feel protected, your life is sacred. Protection is a basic human need since clothing and shelter are our two most important material and physical protectors. Protecting your physical body is usually pretty straight forward. But we also need to be protected mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Separating your physical body from your spiritual, mental and emotional body is not going to make you feel wholly safe and protected. So let's look at some holistic ways you can protect yourself.


Taking time out to meditate and center yourself everyday is an easy and effective way of protecting your total and multifaceted being. Meditation helps you to tune in to the little things--to help you recognize small energetic shifts, attitudes, beliefs, sounds, feelings and so much more. On the surface, meditation may seem like more of an energetic and spiritual protection plan, but if you go a little deeper, you'll find that the stillness meditation brings you the awareness to protect your mental, emotional and physical as well. The ability to tap into what is truly going on around and within you can give you the power to protect yourself in ways you may not even realize.

Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind

When your physical body is optimally healthy, it tends to translate into other areas of your body as well. What we eat and what we don't eat will impact the vitamins, minerals and nutrients available to our brains and various body systems. The brain-gut connection is one you definitely want to explore. Staying active with an exercise routine is another aspect of maintaining a healthy body. Whether you walk, jog, hula hoop, do yoga or hit the gym, keeping an active lifestyle will improve your ability to protect yourself. When you're feeling stressed you can look to physical activity to buffer that. When you're feeling unwell, some physical activity can help move stagnation in the body. If you're needing some clarity, a therapist, oracle, a Reiki healer, etc. can be beneficial.

Cleanse Your Energy

Being energetically sound just plain old feels good. You can get rid of negative energy and fortify your higher vibrations in many different ways. Smudging is a popular practice in which you burn some plant material and waft the smoke around your body. You can also visit an energy healer/worker to leave lower energy behind you. Burning candles created specifically for protection and meditating on that intention is yet another way to cleanse your energy and give yourself some extra protection.

Trust Yourself

We all have a little voice inside of us that is our intuition. Whether you consider yourself intuitive or not is irrelevant. We all have instincts, but some of us are better at listening to that small voice. Sometimes we just have to get quiet and listen. Take a moment to stop thinking and worrying. Honor yourself and hear what your intuition is trying to tell you. It will always guide you away from dangers. It is an instinctual thing that is all about self-preservation. Get in touch with this nature and you'll find that you're better equipped to protect yourself and those around you.

Always remember that you are worth protecting and that your sacred life should be safe and protected at all times. Of course, it's nice to have others looking out for your safety as well, but be sure to give yourself this gift without feeling that protection has to come from outside of you. You are totally capable of being your best advocate. Peace and protection unto you.

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