7 Ways to Inspire a Smile

It is often said that it’s better to give than to receive. This is true in the sense that spreading joy is a roundabout kind of thing that always seems to circle back around to us. One of the great things about making someone else smile is that it almost always makes us feel good inside. It’s an immediate and affirming way to create beauty in the world. When you inspire a smile you are also fortifying the positive karma undoubtedly headed your way. The coolest thing about making someone else happy is that something as simple as a smile or a compliment can turn an entire mood around. Here are some things that you can do to add some smiles and happiness to a fellow human near you.

Say Thank You

There’s a lot that can be said about just a little bit of gratitude, and spreading happiness is just one side effect of gratitude. We have become accustomed to giving thanks for the big things in life, but there are plenty of little things that shouldn’t go without notice. Things like a phone call or text, deescalating a work situation and being a good friend. When we take the time to thank someone for something, no matter how big or small, we are letting them know that we noticed them. It feels good to be recognized.

Offer an Encouraging Word

Never lose an opportunity to share a kind word, is what I often say. It costs nothing and it can change the entire mood of someone’s day. It can be in person, over the phone, via email or even a postcard. When we give encouraging words we are acknowledging the struggle of another person. We are letting them know that we are rooting for their success. It means that we are setting our own stuff aside for a moment to focus on someone else.

Share a Playlist

Art, whether it be music, dance or another medium, can soothe the soul. Sharing a Spotify or YouTube playlist with someone just might be the perfect thing to lift their spirits. A good jam can bring back memories, provide encouragement and bring peace. Perhaps your playlist will be the thing that gets them through a rough patch or just makes cleaning up the house for the 18th time this week a little a little easier.

Hide a Note or Small Gift

Putting a note on the mirror for your child or partner to find in the morning is a big smile booster. You can also place bright trinkets around the house or neighborhood to bring a little joy. Indeed, it’s the little things that inspire a smile.

Pay It Forward

When you go for your morning coffee run or stop in at a local bakery you may want to consider paying $5 or $10 extra to cover the person’s bill behind you. It’s a welcome surprise that will often keep giving. You can also do something nice for a stranger or neighbor, like gifting a plant, sharing a harvest, dropping off some diapers or formula at a shelter.

A Handwritten Note or Card

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something in the mail that’s not a solicitation or bills? I know I do! Sending a little something special in the mail is a fun and easy way to bring on the good vibes. It’s personal, it’s fun and it’s thoughtful. And if you’re really artistic, you can make your card by hand.


If there is someone that you haven’t heard from or talked to in a while, maybe it’s time to text, call or private message. In today’s modern society, there are plenty of ways to connect and reconnect with people, so if you’ve gotten word that someone you know could use a little pick-me-up, think about reaching out to them to spread a little joy.

It’s all about sharing positive energy with others. When we can step back from our own problems, lives, possessions and thoughts, we are able to see others a little more clearly. What goes around, comes around is the age old saying, and spreading light and joy is something that will definitely come back to you with interest.

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