Developing Your Inner Guide

Once upon a time humans would seek the counsel of priests, oracles, mediums and other spirit workers to help them make wise decisions and choices. This is because as human beings, we recognize the impact of our actions. For many of us, the idea of failure or making a mistake is terrifying, and having someone else assist us in our decision making alleviates some of the burden or anxiety that comes with making choices. We all have the ability to see the connections things have on one another, but there are those of us who are more in tune to these connections.

What if I told you that you could be your own oracle? Or that you can be the master of your fate, making choices based on your own intuition and connection? You absolutely can trust yourself, you just need to exercise that muscle. It is possible for you to develop your inner guide. Just start with a simple introduction to yourself.

Nice to Meet You

I know it sounds a little crazy to introduce yourself to yourself, but far too often we don't really know ourselves. The way we were parented, social interactions and life experiences have caused many of us to tune out that little voice inside, our intuition or that gut feeling. We've gotten so used to ignoring that part of ourselves that we may have forgotten it completely. This is why taking the time to get to know yourself more intimately is important.

When you understand why certain things trigger you, it's easier to navigate situations in a manner that is more appropriate for the situation, more logically or more rationally. You will find it easier to turn down some of the emotions that arise and change the way we respond. The saying goes, "Know thyself." It has everything to do with knowing what makes you tick and being familiar with your own voice and values. It is the bond you have with your unconscious and subconscious mind.

Practice Makes Progress

Once you start getting more comfortable with yourself, and you have a better understanding of your inner workings, it's time to start practicing being still. Being still makes tapping into your inner voice much simpler. Being still could be meditation or journaling or being in nature or doing some dream work. There are many avenues to curating a deep relationship with your intuition.

Modern living often pushes us to be busy and "productive," but taking the time to find peace, nothingness, stillness and quiet can do a lot more for communing with our inner voices. Reconnecting to your instincts will allow you to flow freely and without much effort. You will have access to your own voice as well as the voice of your community or culture--collective wisdom. But, you have to put in the initial effort and practice tuning in to what was ignored and suppressed for so long.

Once you know that you can depend on yourself to direct your life, you will feel more confident and self-assured. You won't be easily swayed by others' opinions either. This doesn't mean that you won't take other people's perspectives and positions in mind, it just means that you will have the last say in what you decide to do.


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