Tips and Tricks for Goal Setting

Whether you're setting goals for the purpose of self-improvement or to advance your career, goal setting is a beautiful way to keep growing. Not only does goal setting keep you on your toes, it also increases your likelihood of success. By setting goals you are creating accountability and motivation.

What are goals?

Goals are simply things you want to achieve, conquer, manifest or take on. For instance, "I'm going to exercise 3 days this week," or "I'm going to land 2 new clients this month." Whatever the goals you set for yourself, your family or your business should be attainable and realistic. You also want your goals to provide a level of challenge. Be careful not to choose a challenge that is overwhelming, or break it up into smaller goals that are conquerable.

Here's a pro tip. Physically write down your goals. The act of writing goals down makes them more likely to be reached.

Now what?

Once you are clear on your goals and you know that you can achieve them, you want to commit to them and check in with them regularly. This way you don't lose sight of them, because life has a way of getting us off track. Committing yourself to reaching your goals and dreams Regular check-ins allow you to assess your progress, make necessary adjustments, cross off completed tasks and see how close you are to attaining your goals.

Now that you've committed to your goals, you've got to stay motivated and be an active participant in bringing things to fruition. That means doing any necessary research, planning, asking for help when needed, etc. Remember, setting your goals will be the easy part, actually achieving them is going to take perseverance, flexibility and action.

Helpful Tips

When you are setting your goals, it helps to set them with intention and positivity. Use affirming words and frame then within the context of completion. Start with, "I will..." instead of, "I want..." or "I would like..." because I will tells your brain that something is coming and that action is required. We are not making passive goals this year.

After you've made your I will, it is a big help to visualize the future you want. This visualization should happen in the present. This gets your brain firing on multiple levels. Visualization helps you to stay focused on your goals and keeps you in anticipation.

Another tip is to start with a clean slate. Take some time to look to the past. See where you were successful and see where things didn't quite go the way you expected. Be grateful for it all and forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Let go of what isn't serving you so that you have room for all the newness that is to come.

Don't obsess over the end result. Put your sights on the process of getting to your desired end. There are steps to just about everything worth having in life, so slow down and enjoy the journey. Here is where many lessons will be learned, and where you'll make new connections.

It's okay to toot your own horn. Congratulate and reward yourself for your small wins and completing the steps that are propelling you towards your larger goals. Small and healthy rewards are one way to keep your attitude positive and uplifted.

Lastly, remember that you're not alone. It's perfectly normal and fine to get support in manifesting your goals. Be aware of your needs so that you can reach out for help or support before you become overwhelmed or discouraged. Having someone rooting for your success is a beautiful thing.

Get your creative juices going and set some new goals for yourself. Create the life that you want to live and be happy.

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