Your Goals are MANIFESTING!

You will often hear it said that before meditating, manifestation work, smudging or using crystals, it’s a good idea to set your intentions in order to manifest your desires in life. But you may be wondering, what are intentions? And how do I set them? Intentions are, at their core, our creative power. They are our desires. Deepak Chopra says, “An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create.” It is simply focusing your attention on what you want to gain or what you want to happen.

Set It
You may discover that stating your intentions out loud can make them feel more real to you. There’s a saying, “And the Word was God.” Just about every religion, philosophy or ideology has some thoughts on how things are and were created. Almost all of them involve sound in some way or another. Thoughts become words, words become actions. Try growing two plants and telling one, “I love you" every day, and telling the other, “I hate you” every day. The results will show you the power of your spoken word. If you aren’t comfortable with speaking them aloud, it makes you feel silly or anxious, try writing them down instead. It can be somewhere out in the open or it can be in your journal. But you want them to be somewhere you can easily access.

Beginning your intentions with, “I am…” can be very helpful. Using the present form to imply that you are presently experiencing something, that something is in progress already. It makes you more powerful, it makes your intentions more powerful. An example would be, “I am kind to myself,” “I am deserving of love,” or "I am LIMITLESS" 

Feel free to set your intentions as often as you feel it is necessary. You may have daily intentions, weekly intentions, monthly intentions, long-term intentions, or maybe just one or the other. There’s no wrong way to set intentions and you can set intentions as often as you like, have as many as you like. Intentions are all about you and what you want out of your life. Only you know what you truly need to be whole and feel complete, so listen to your heart and do what feels right for you. You can always modify things as necessary.

As time goes on, the intention setting will become a habit and something that you look forward to. If you’re worried about remembering to do it, here are a few suggestions.

-Purchase the "Manifest your GOAL Box" to assist in getting you to align with your Goals. Each morning becomes dedicated to doing the work that is needed.
-Attach it to something you do regularly, like making coffee or tea or exercising.
-Set a reminder on your phone.

Change Happens
Setting your intentions can be quite simple when you know exactly what you want out of your life, your relationships, your meditation practice, and so on. It helps to think of your intentions as seeds. In order for a seed to grow, you have to give it the attention and care that it needs to grow into a healthy strong plant. When you set your intentions and isolate your true desires, you can’t leave it there. Nothing happens to seeds that aren’t planted. Be sure to be mindful of your intentions and be proactive with your intentions. That means that you will make decisions and do things that will help bring your intentions into reality.

When you are setting your intentions, you only need to be clear about what you want to manifest. You don’t need to have all the steps lined up detailing how you will get to the end goal. You will need to make choices moving forward with your intentions in mind. Setting your intentions isn’t something that should be present in your mind for only one moment. It is very similar to a goal or a dream. Making strides toward your intentions may or may not be an entirely conscious experience, but the parts that you are aware of will amaze you. And when your intentions fully manifest, you will feel amazing. You will be excited to set more intentions and watch the materialize.

Photo Credit: @Afroyoga

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