Practice Makes Progress

We've all heard it said, "Practice makes perfect," but what is this all too common adage really saying? Perfect is subjective. It can be defined in many different ways. Consider a dog show. A judge walks past a bunch of dogs of the same breed looking for the best representative of that particular breed. But are any of them actually perfect? Seems to me that perfect is in the eye of the beholder. And if this is true (or closer to the truth), then why strive for perfection? Why not aim for doing your best? Or improving everyday or with every attempt, version or repetition? I prefer to say, "Practice makes progress."

What I'm Learning

Recently, I've noticed this lesson keeps showing itself to me. Progress is showing up as self directed evolution again and again in my life. I am becoming more aware of the factors that are shaping my reality. I'm even seeing the effects my thoughts and actions are having on those around me. I I have to shift my focus in order to recreate my energy in order to make more productive steps towards the life I want to live.

Lately, I have found myself feeling overwhelmed and tired of doing. That's right, doing. Academic time with the children, laundry, clients, dishes, meals, etc., all of these things have to be done and sometimes I go on autopilot and I'm just doing what needs to be done with little thought, little patience, no intention and oftentimes with no joy. But I've recommitted myself to being.

When I find that I'm not actively experiencing my life, that I'm not being intentional about the way I'm going through my day, that my focus is non-existent and that I'm exuding anxious and nervous energy, I simply stop. I go back to my morning meditation's centering thought to give myself the opportunity to step back and out before I address anything else. Giving myself this moment isn't just for me. It allows me to come back to the world with different eyes and a different energy. Everyone around me benefits from me choosing progress over perfection.

I'm always working on bringing a better me to the table, whether it be in my professional or personal life. And I'm learning that there are a lot more great things headed my way if I can just extend more patience and kindness to myself. For instance, I've recently decided that I am going to make the time to meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning. There are lots of benefits to meditation and after 15 consecutive days, I started to notice that my heart rate was changing drastically. It was going below my normal resting pulse during meditation. After about 18 days or so, I started could feel myself relaxing into my meditation more easily. After 3 weeks, I can see shapes and colors through the use of mantras.

As time goes on, I am reinforcing the lesson that good things come in due time. My journey is moving into new heights and it's exciting. Just like exercising or yoga, the more you do it, the stronger you get. You may not see results right away, in fact I'm almost certain that you won't see significant results right away, but you will catch all the best benefits when you put you best intentions into whatever it is you do.

Now What?

If you know that you are the author of your own story, then you have the ability to create the life you want to live. You can put the wheels of the Universe into action for your highest good. Undoubtedly, you will have to put in the practice to become all that you want to become, to have all of the things you deserve. You'll have to keep practicing to make progress. Part of the human experience is exploring the different versions of ourselves and becoming better and better.

I plan on continuing this journey with new eyes and a renewed sense of purpose. I'm going to keep going until I have what I'm looking for, and then I'm going to set new goals and intentions. I will continue to intentionally evolve and do my best to be aware of the thoughts and actions that are affecting my reality.

What you do with the lessons given to you is entirely up to you. You can prioritize your healing and wellness, or you can keep on as you have been in the past. You can reach out to like minded individuals to help you stay focused on your goals. You can get yourself an accountability partner, someone to check in with to encourage you and remind you of what you're after. You can start to do things differently. You can make progress, run in place or keep striving for what may be an illusion. What you do next is your choice.

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