Scorpio Season♏️✨

A Scorpio Mantra: I Transform Myself
A Scorpio Mantra: I Am Aware of My World
Scorpio, your sharp intuition coupled with your fierce curiosity makes you more than happy to be a life-long learner of all things necessary and not. It also makes you more likely to be headstrong, tenacious and somewhat obsessive with certain individuals, hobbies and tasks. Beginnings and endings are particularly interesting to you since your sign starts in the middle of autumn as the days begin to shorten and the nights stretch out their legs. Embrace your need to look inward and connect with the shadows, as it can bring great positive transformations when done with positive intention. With Scorpio having a nocturnal home, you are a powerful warrior and champion wherever you choose to apply that energy. As a water sign, you have the ability to be fluid, adapt and connect things and people that would otherwise remain separate. Remember to pace yourself so that you don’t become overwhelmed by your passions, desires and emotional attachments.
Make a Scorpio Smile
Although your Scorpio has lots of questions and curiosities, it’s a good idea to allow them to have their individuality and internal musings. Make time for the thrilling and adventurous, as Scorpios tend to enjoy excitement. Scorpios need to scrutinize the deeper meanings of life and their relationship, so give them the space and freedom to explore the taboo. Delve into philosophical and spiritual ideas with your Scorpio and be sure to pay attention to the details. Offer your Scorpio thoughtful, rational and logical compromises when necessary. Once you’ve earned a Scorpio’s trust, don't be afraid to take the lead on a learning adventure tailored to their personal interests.
When giving gifts to a Scorpio, creativity, originality and imagination makes all the difference.

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