What Brings You Joy?

Joy is a basic human aspiration. We all want to experience joy, be free from pain, be accepted, and live comfortably. Joy, defined as a state of happiness or bliss, is what we look for when we choose a career, a significant other, or begin a hobby. But what if you don’t know or you’ve somehow forgotten the things that bring you joy? Can you reclaim your lost joy? The short answer is, of course, you can!

The first step is intentionally choosing joy. When we decide that we are going to have joy, that we are going to infuse it into our everyday activities and interactions, we will manifest just that. Staying grounded in the present can do a lot for harnessing your joy. When you’re in the moment it’s a lot easier to pinpoint the bright spots that give you the warm fuzzies. There's a lot to be joyful about.

Discover What Brings You Joy

If you’re not sure what puts you in a sunny disposition, I suggest looking inside first. Finding it inside of yourself means that it can’t be taken away from you. If you find this a difficult task, try making a list of things you like about yourself. Think about what makes you a great friend. Are you a good dancer, singer or listener? Consider your strengths and how they impact you and those around you. Be proud of the gifts you bring to the world and find joy in those traits. Affirm these attributes daily as often as you need. And always remember that you are a marvel, and celebrating what makes you special is important.

External joy comes from outside of you. Perhaps doing yoga puts you in your happy place. Or maybe hiking is what gives you all the feels. If you’re not sure what activities bring you joy, it’s time to try new things. Painting, sewing, different genres of music, reading, or even skydiving could be your thing. It's okay to get inventive, too. You may not even need to try something new, you could rediscover something.

It should be noted that whatever it is that is bringing a smile to your heart, doesn’t define you. You have the right to lose interest in something and pick up another. It’s called growth or evolution. When you find that something no longer serves you, your growth, and your journey, you can let it go to make room for something that is better suited to your new position. 

Make Time

Once you’ve gotten to know what makes you truly happy, you have to dedicate yourself to making time for it. This doesn’t mean that you focus on what makes you happy and nothing else. It means that when you find that you need a little joyous boost, you have to carve out time to pursue what makes you happy. This will energize and strengthen you. Being unhappy and dissatisfied does nothing for yourself or those around you. Take the time to affirm yourself, to make yourself smile or giggle--give yourself room to take care of your needs. Reclaiming your joy is a benefit to both you and those who come in contact with you.

Here are a few things that I always make time for because these things bring me joy:

Knowing that I am growing as an individual.

Knowing that I lean on my oldest grandmother and all the other mothers before me.

Getting lost in a good read.

Being in my garden and tending to my little patch of earth.

What are some of the things that give you all of the feels, the things that make you feel like you’re glowing from the inside out?

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