Energy is the currency of the cosmos. We can spend it, we can give it, we can let it accrue interest, there is a lot that happens to our divine energy on a daily basis. There are daily transactions that simply cannot be avoided. And that’s why it is important to have a few energy cleansing tricks up your sleeve. Your divine energy is an essential part of you are and how you relate to the world and show up in it. In many circumstances, your energy precedes anything you say or do. First impressions are everything and these three tips are excellent approaches to ensure that your divine energy is all that you want it to be, and maybe even a little bit more. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful aura, right?

Smudge Yourself
The act of smudging is pretty simple, but it is very effective. There are several ways that you can accomplish smudging yourself. You can have someone do it for you. If you choose this method, make sure that the person smudging you has pure intentions. And you also want to set your intentions prior to the smudging. Native Americans believed that blowing the ceremonial and cleansing smoke could amplify negative energy, since exhalation is one way the body clears away bad vibes. So, make sure that your smudger allows the smoke to waft around your body on its own. A feather can also be used to direct the smoke around your body.

You can also handle the smudging yourself. Simply light your smudge stick and purposefully wave it in front of your body, being sure to cover both head and feet. I like to walk through the smoke like a car in a car wash. Although sage is a traditional smudge plant, almost any plant can be used. If you want to use another plant, do a little research so you can fortify your energy with the energy and medicine of that particular plant. Some options include juniper, lavender, Palo Santo, bay leaves and rosemary.

2.   Immerse Yourself in Nature & practice YOGA!
Get out into Mother Earth. She’s got a lot of good medicine for us if we only accept her offerings. Wind, sunlight and water are some of the most purifying elements in nature. Go to the beach and listen to the waves, dig your hands and feet into the sand, get in the water and let it carry away all the negative energy. If it’s not beach weather or you aren’t proximal, you can go to a lake or river, go for a hike, a nature walk, a trip to an arboretum or botanical garden, etc. As long as you put yourself in the loving arms of the Earth, she can give your energy a terrific cleansing that will not only boost your aura, but also energize your physical being as well.

3.   Crystals
The use of healing crystals may seem like nothing more than colorful rocks in your pockets, but they can be very instrumental in clearing away your negative energy. They can also keep the negative energy of those you come in contact with at bay. Crystals like smoky quartz, selenite and black tourmaline can help to purify your energy. Working with crystals can be as simple as carrying the stone with you in a pocket, purse, vehicle or as jewelry. It can also be more involved. You can meditate with the crystal or crystals of your choosing, you can lie down with them on your forehead or another energy center of your body. You can also place crystals in your water, because water is such a powerful cleanser. Be careful when choosing a crystal for water. Some crystals are not recommended for putting in your drinking water.

There are plenty of things you can do to freshen up your divine energy and free yourself of the negative vibrations and thoughts that undoubtedly come everyday. Remember to guard your energy well and be mindful of how you spend it.

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17 March, 2020


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