4 Tips for Finding Your Inner Peace

Have you ever seen a parent with a screaming child that has a peaceful and unbothered look on their face and a calm demeanor? Do you know someone who is patient, kind, and present no matter the circumstances? They always seem to have time or make time for themselves and others. This person maintains composure in just about any circumstance, no matter how stressful, adversarial, or unpleasant. Kind of like Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender defeating Fire Lord Ozai. You may be interested in getting to the place where you can have this sort of grace and composure, this inner peace that flows through you at all times. 

What I like about Aang is that he was on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing, he was learning to embrace his purpose. Inner turmoil and external chaos were always close at hand, and he was still able to make the shift and be who he was meant to be. When we are faced with similar circumstances, chaos all around, busy schedules, self-loathing and trying to contort ourselves to fit into a box that was never meant for us, peace seems like an impossible thing. Whether you’re born with a calmer spirit than most or not, inner peace is something most of us have to learn and decide to choose everyday. Here are four tips that can help you on your way to inner peace.

1. Acceptance

Inner peace focuses more on being than on doing. It’s about being present and focused. When we can accept what is, we can create solutions, harmony, and space. Acceptance will often come with the power to detach from situations and be an objective outside observer. This is where the answers to questions and problems are often found. Think about it as swimming against the current versus swimming with the current to get back to shore.

2. Honor Your Emotions

Honoring your emotions is simply owning your emotions and allowing yourself to have those emotions. It also involves giving this same respect to others and their emotions. When we experience emotions that are unsettling or uncomfortable, we have to allow them to occur. Trying to push them down and ignore them will distance us from inner peace. Suppressed feelings have a nasty habit of coming back in very unpleasant ways. It’s okay to feel your feelings and explore why you are feeling them and how they are serving you or holding you back.

3. Know Your Triggers

It helps to know what makes you tick. If loud sounds create anxiety or cause irritation, being aware of this is helpful. You can go a little deeper into why it is so disturbing for you. Knowing the why can help you to let it go or work towards a resolution. Addressing your triggers makes them less triggering because you can create healthy strategies and responses. 

4. Disconnect

Setting aside some time to yourself on a  routine basis can be very beneficial to your pursuit of inner peace. Disconnect from TV, radio, social media, etc. once a week to allow yourself the time and space to go within, free from distractions. Take this time to write in a journal, read, take a deep and relaxing bath, go for a stroll by a lake, or hike. Do something that deepens your connection to self and pulls you away from the things that take you further away from peace.

If you are living a stressful life where turmoil (internal or external) has become your normal, it’s time to make a conscious effort to make a change. Learning new habits and instating new mindsets can put you well on the path to finding your inner peace. There’s no time like the present, so get started. Take things one day, one challenge at a time.

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