Finding Calm in the Middle of Tragedy and Trauma

With all that is going on in the world, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable place. Loss of life is always tragic and for many, it is all too customary. It’s tiring and painful and incensing. If past, recent or ongoing events have you looking for ways to calm your mind and spirit, we are here for you. Sometimes life gets heavy. If you find that you’re struggling here are a few suggestions to help bring you back to  center.

Take a Moment

Do not apologize for taking a moment, or two. When tragedy and trauma surface you can help shift your mood or your perspective by giving yourself a little time. There are plenty of things that can help you release.

  • Take a relaxing bath.

  • Have a good cry.

  • Phone a friend.

  • Listen to soothing music.

  • Meditate.

  • Write in your journal.

What you choose to do with your moment is up to you. But make sure that is nourishing and uplifting to your spirit. If dancing is what makes you feel most like yourself, bust a move! If you can take a day off or even a few hours, do it! Nurture yourself so that you can feel most like yourself. 


Turn off the television, hop off of social media, get outdoors, and feel nature on your skin. Whether it’s a staycation, a day trip or a full-on vacation is up to you, but changing your scenery and tapping into what this green earth has for you can revitalize and invigorate you. Oftentimes television, radio, newspapers and social media only add to the pain, stress and trauma. In fact, it may even be the secondary source of the trauma.

Stop Reacting

Take a step back from your emotions and stop reacting to what’s going on around you. Be aware of how you are feeling and do your best not to react to every little, or not so little, thing get under your skin. When you know that you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, etc. take a moment to ask yourself if you’re reacting based on your emotions or responding to the situation. Reacting to every emotion that comes with every life event can turn you into a victim of life, when you really want to be a master of living. The goal is to not allow your emotions to govern your life. Separating your emotions allows you to be who you are and who you are meant to be regardless of what happens around you. It frees you to be able to create solutions and healthy behavioral habits.

Guard Your Inner Circle

Be careful of who you associate with, those with whom you exchange energy. Some people are energy vampires that will leave you feeling empty and dim. While others are a beacon and promote your growth and development. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t negative sometimes, but being able to rise above it is what makes the difference. Your inner circle should be a source of inspiration and love and joy. So if you’re not getting that, you may need to reevaluate your relationships so that you can have a support system that actually supports you.


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Clean House

Make your home your sanctuary, or at least one room in it. It helps to have a place where you can relax and just be. If you need to declutter, do it. If you need to change the foods in your kitchen, do it. Maybe you need to add some plants or some objects that bring peace and serenity to the atmosphere. Singing bowls, healing crystals, and inspiring art are just a few additions/alterations you can make to your space to help calm your spirit in the midst of trying times.

Remember, you have power over your life. And even when there are tragedy, trauma, and pain, you can thrive and emerge victoriously. Life and living aren’t always going to be easy, but finding peace can make all the difference in how we navigate the dark spaces in life.

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