Black Lives Matter Resources

Thousands of people, including myself are marching in solidarity across the WORLD to support Social Justice! 
Now is the time to be prepared to do the work. Step forward. Set boundaries, listen closely to your intuition, strategize with your loved ones, colleagues, and community outreach. We all deserve to flourish. It is a must that we GROW through every emotion in order to overcome this long over-due "oppression" challenge. Let's be honest, history kept repeating itself because we never overcame the challenge. And now, here she is, FRONT & CENTERED.
The tough conversation will continue. Some will feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I've learned that it is okay to OWN my own personal power towards being myself wholehearted - unapologetically. We shall continue to flood the streets, flood the phone lines, & allow our voices to be heard. Together we are setting intentions & manifesting our desires towards FREEDOM & EQUALITY!
In an effort to continue our support, I have decided to launch our new candle project --the "PHRASE COLLECTION" three weeks early.
La Nirvana will be donating 25% of all proceeds from the candle selection - "MELANIN MAGIC" & "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" to the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund. As a collective, we're in this together & your purchase will make a difference! 
As a woman of color, I am so proud to be apart of this community towards health and mental wellness. The best way I know how to give back is through verbal connections, holding space, providing monthly contributions/giveaways, & last but not least - through herbal & crystal healing. 
La Nirvana has been here with you since 2018.
La Nirvana has created a sacred space geared towards healing, celebrating, and uplifting women from all walks of life, especially home -- the black community! 
La Nirvana is grateful for your continued love, & support. Thank you so much for being apart of the community🕊✨!! 
A small note: If you would like to help beyond the candle contribution, here are some ways that you can help wherever you are in the world.
The link below is a compiled list of resources that you can support.
Peace & Blessings!


NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

Black Lives Matter: 

Justice for Big Floyd:

Justice for George Floyd:

Justice for Tony McDade:

I Run With Maud Petition:

Justice for Breonna Taylor:

Defund the Minneapolis Police Department: 

Reclaim the Block Petition:

Black Lives Matter: 

The Bail Project: 

National bail fund network:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Big Floyd Fund: 

Justice For Regis: 

I Run With Maud: 

Justice for Greg Hill:



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