Why You should create a Sacred Space

You wake up in the morning a little earlier than everyone else so that you can get a little time alone. You make a cup of tea and head to your favorite little nook of the house. The sunlight is peeking in, the seating is perfect, the air is still and a good read, soothing plant or yoga mat is nearby. It doesn’t even have to be indoors. It could be a garden (personal or public), a lake, a forest, etc. Sounds good right? Each and every one of us needs to have a sacred space where we can disengage from negativity, recharge, and feel safe. For some of us, it’s just a corner of your home, others have an entire room and others have turned their entire homes into a sanctuary. No matter which of these is attainable for you, you will benefit from creating a sacred space.

Stress Relief

Having a sacred space can be a big stress reliever. Whether it’s your bathroom all set for a long soak in the tub with the perfect lighting, sounds, and decor or your bedroom with a great mattress, air-purifying plants and shiny hardwood flooring, having somewhere to unwind can help take your stress from a 10 to a 2. Of course, it won’t make your stressors disappear, but it can give you some distance from it and the chance to breathe and emotionally recharge before addressing it again. Creating a space that is soothing for you specifically, means you are being intentional about what it is that you need to destress and decompress. 

Finding Meaning

When we create sacred spaces for ourselves, we are giving ourselves a place to go deeper. Regular visits to your sacred space allow us to find meaning in some of the more mundane things in life, putting the yin and yang together. We can reflect on the things that are truly important, the things we are grateful for as well as those things that make us happy and peaceful. Sometimes life is just too loud for us to make sense of things, and getting away in ways that are comfortable and accessible is just one way we can turn down the volume and find some introspection.

Energy Boost

A trip to your sacred space can give you a much-needed energy boost. After taking some time there, you may be surprised that you emerge with more patience, kinder words, and more peaceful actions. It can help shift your entire perception while making you feel more refreshed. Remember, empty pitchers cannot fill a single glass. Sacred spaces enhance and support the healing things that you are already engaged in (yoga, meditation, journaling, etc.) or lay a foundation for beginning healing practices in your life. By focusing our attention inward, we can revitalize ourselves in unimaginable ways.

Sacred spaces remind us to take time out for ourselves, to nurture our own spirits and tangible needs. If you feel like your life is missing beauty or love or meaning, creating a sacred space allows you to create those things for yourself and to be able to find those bright spots in your daily life. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have sacred space. Your sacred space can be anywhere or anything. If all you can manage is a simple, yet powerful piece of quartz pressed into the palm of your hand, relish it and let the rest of the world melt away for a few moments. Get outside and experience nature--the sun, the trees, the flowers, the water. If it makes you feel good and it gives you the distance you need from the things that are going on around you, you have found/created a sacred space.

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14 June, 2020

Rebecca. Willis

This is so teue its great that every one has their own secret garden this is what I call my sacred space is my Secret Garden & its right here in my bedroom❗Bonsai tree, wild orchid, & of course my Zen garden complete with a rake ….🌱💚🙏

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