If we’re being honest, there are moments or even days or weeks that we don’t really feel very self-confident. Sometimes we allow what other people say to us to feel less confident, other times it’s how we are treated or not treated that can bring on the feelings of less than and not enough. And sometimes it is completely self-inflicted. But it helps to have a few tools in your arsenal that can boost your self-confidence when you find your cup is running a little empty.

1. Affirmations
Starting your day off with positive affirmations can do a lot to create a deeply positive relationship with yourself. Affirming yourself can change your entire view of yourself and drastically improve your self-worth. Although you don’t have to say affirmations aloud, they tend to take on more permanence. You can begin this practice in your mind if you aren’t comfortable saying them out loud, or if you’re in a place where you can’t speak out loud.

The thing about affirmations is that the more you do them, the better the results. It’s just like exercising and creating muscle memory. Building this relationship with self allows you to tap into the self-imposed positive vibes on demand. So, whenever you find yourself losing confidence, you can take a moment to affirm yourself and give it a boost.

2. Visualization
Have you ever hearth saying, “Fake it until you make it?” Well, you can fake it when it comes to your self-confidence. Start to see yourself as who you want yourself to be. Carry yourself like a business owner if that’s what you want to be. Speak confidently if you want to be someone who owns their voice and deserves to be heard and taken seriously. Even if you’re afraid or uncomfortable taking on the attitude of the person you want to be, seeing yourself as your future self is helpful. If you can just imagine yourself in a different position, space or frame of mind, it will be a lot easier to boost your confidence.

3. Stop Comparing
You are you, and there’s no one else who can do it better. You have your own goals, needs and processes. So why would you want to compare yourself to anyone else? Each individual has their own journey, and you are no exception. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with healthy competition and being inspired by others, but using someone else’s ruler to measure or define your success, progress, appearance, etc. will not take you very far. Define yourself and live according to what works for you.

The only person you should compare yourself is to you. Otherwise you are likely to experience envy and self-doubt, and ultimately your self-confidence will suffer. When you find yourself making unhealthy comparisons, it helps to take a deep breath and ask yourself if it is making you feel better about yourself or not? Actively thinking about our thoughts and engaging them can keep us from going down a rabbit hole.

4. Self-Care
Taking care of yourself can take on a lot of forms. Making the time to go to the barbershop or salon, to take a relaxing bath or shower, to exercise regularly, etc. will ultimately boost your self-confidence. When you invest in yourself, you are more likely to feel more confident and be less bothered by all the things that tend to damage our confidence. The results of making self-care a priority eventually show up outwardly and not only change the way you perceive yourself, but also the way others perceive you. And when others perceive you differently, they tend to treat you a whole lot differently as well.

Boosting your self-confidence is something even the most confident person in the world can benefit from. I’m not talking about being haughty or stuck up. I’m talking about a healthy sense of self that makes you feel good and unapologetic about yourself, the way you live your life, the choices you make and all of that. When you’re self-confident, you’re not so afraid to try new things or ask for what you know you deserve. You communicate more efficiently and spend your energy more wisely. There are so many benefits that come with being confident. Give yours a boost whenever you need it, and never lose a chance to help boost someone else’s. You are worth it!

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