4 Ways to Protect Your Divine Energy

No matter who you are or what you do, there is no escaping coming into contact with people with negative energy, energy vampires and other unpleasantries. It is rarely any fun encountering these types of people, but they are part of this life and we can only do our best not to be sucked in or affected by their energy.

Negative energy doesn’t always come from a person per say. It can come in the shape of a new story or your social feed. There are indirect and direct sources of negative energy and neither of them leave you feeling good. If you’ve ever found yourself drained or feeling low after a conversation or spending time in a particular place, chances are you’ve found a source of negative energy.

Looking out for yourself is a full-time job and you shouldn’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Of course, there are those that you can lean on for support but protecting your divine energy is your duty. Don’t be fearful, you are powerful and have the tools you need to uphold your energy. Here are a few tools you can use to protect your divine energy.

1. Be Aware
Being aware of how you are feeling is very instrumental in protecting yourself from bad vibes. When you take a moment to notice your surroundings and how they make you feel, you are stretching your awareness muscle. You are learning how to navigate your emotional landscape.

Understanding yourself and how certain things affect you physically and emotionally can save you from a lot of unnecessary discomfort. For instance, I have a hard time watching crime dramas. They are very disturbing to my emotional health. And it’s even worse if the crime affects a child. So, I don’t watch them.

Another way to become more aware is to start a daily meditation or mindfulness practice. Taking the time to breathe deeply, clear your mind or contemplate specific points can be very beneficial. You may even notice reduced stress levels and better sleep.

2. Set Boundaries
Boundaries are important. But don’t get boundaries confused with walls. Boundaries allow people in but they demand certain respect, decorum and considerations. When people know that you are not entertaining certain kinds of talk, activity and whatever else you decide, they tend to leave you out over time.

Those who have a harder time respecting your boundaries may have to go on a time out or maybe even be permanently removed from your world so that you can have peace of mind and nurture the kind of spirit that you want to have.

3. Take a Bath
A bath may sound like a small and regular thing to do, but when you have been exposed to negative energy you want to take an intentional bath. A spiritual bath can be very rejuvenating. You set your intentions and say your prayers and wash off the bad energy.

There are many ways to conduct a spiritual or ritual bath. Just about every culture has their own way of doing it. Whether it’s soaking in a particular herbal or floral water, whether it’s standing and pouring water over your head, hands and feet or whether it’s washing your body a certain number of times in  a certain order, each has the same goal: to renew your spirit and cleanse your energy.

You can even create your own criteria and method of spiritual or ritual cleansing. After all, it is about you and how you choose to protect yourself.

4. Love
It has often been said that love conquers all. In many ways this is true. If you fill yourself with love, you have no choice but to respond to others in love. When you encounter negative energy, you can teach yourself to react from a place of love and not lash out in a way that feeds into the negative energy. You can respectfully bow out of negative situations.

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