Mornings can be a little hectic. You’ve got to get ready for work, get the children ready for school, walk the dog, feed the pets and so much more. There are a lot of things that need to be done as soon as you wake up it seems, so finding a peaceful way to start may be just what you need. Giving your morning routine an overhaul just might change the tone of your whole day. And who doesn’t want to have a great day?

If you have a stressful job or you want to increase your overall productivity, creating a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere can help a lot. When you take away the pressure to perform you are able to focus on tasks with a little more clarity and ease. You can more fully enjoy the moments and create a new attitude towards morning within yourself and your family.

1. Meditation
Go ahead and light a candle, sit down and get comfortable. Take a few deep relaxing breaths and go for it. Give yourself 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever feels good for you, and just sit and focus on your breath. Focus on a tree outside your window. Fire up your mindfulness app and pick a guided meditation. Repeat a mantra or affirmations. Even journaling can be a form of meditation. There are tons of ways to experience meditation, and there is no wrong way to go about it.

There are many benefits to meditation and getting your day off to a great start is just one of them. Mediation and mindfulness exercises can reduce your stress levels over time, improve your blood pressure and create a more calm spirit. Giving yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to center and ground yourself can do a lot to change the way you perceive and respond to all the things that go on in the morning.

2. Exercise
If you’re up to a 15 or 30 minute spin or HIIT workout, that’s great! But all exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous and aerobic. Some gentle exercises include walking, swimming, yoga and tai chi. All of these are pretty peaceful and quite relaxing. Yoga and tai chi are favorites because they are in many ways, moving meditations.

Gentle exercise allows you to pay more attention to what’s going on inside of you. You don’t have to focus so much on equipment and other things. It’s just you and your thoughts, your feelings and the things you choose to focus on. Giving yourself this time to stretch yourself out after a long night’s rest is very restorative and can really energize your day.

3. Reading
A few moments of reading an inspiring book can help you set the tone for the day. It gives you some words to ponder throughout your day and maybe even a goal to aim for. It doesn’t have to be an inspirational or a self-help book, it can be any genre you like. If you’re an avid reader, then you undoubtedly have your favorites, and that’s okay. Some days you may choose to read from a book of quotes, another day it could be a book of poetry. What you read is totally up to you. As long as what you read is relaxing you and putting you in a peaceful frame of mind, it’s all good.

Creating a more peaceful start to your day might require you to wake up a few minutes earlier than usual, but starting your day off with a more relaxed and peaceful spirit can do a lot to change the trajectory of your day. It’s true, mornings can get a little out of hand at times, but when you are at peace, you’ll find it much easier to navigate those crazy moments that inevitably pop up.

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24 August, 2020


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