4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

The 22nd of April, Earth Day, is one holiday that tends to go unnoticed unless you are in elementary school. But it is such an important day to celebrate. Let’s face it, without the Earth, there would be no us. Without its gifts, we would have no food, air, water or love. Surely, we can celebrate Earth Day if we can celebrate birthdays. But you may be wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day. The truth is, you can do whatever you want to do. If it moves you and puts your attention and focus on the bounty of the Earth, you’ve succeeded. But if you’re looking for some suggestions on things you can do to commemorate the occasion, La Nirvana’s got you. Check out these great ideas.

Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

Drinking water is such a healing experience on any day. Our bodies are made largely of water and drinking your weight in ounces does great things for all of your body systems. Investing in a reusable water bottle, thermos or coffee mug is a great way to help both yourself and our Earth. Reusable water bottles reduce the number of plastic bottles, allow you to safely take your water everywhere and it makes water a lot more fun to drink. If you’re into tea or coffee, an insulating thermos or mug is great because it can extend the life of your hot beverage and help retain those aromatic volatile oils that make a cup of everything. If you’re looking to add some spiritual healing to your water, try ourcrystal elixir water bottles.

Unplug Some Electronics

Reducing your dependence on electricity for just one day can be a rather freeing experience. Who knows? You may be inspired to do it more often. It’s surprising just how relaxing and peaceful a practice this can be. Do both the Earth and your utilities a favor and unplug the TV, the stove and whatever else you choose. This will give you a chance to get outside and experience more of the Earth’s offerings. Take a walk, cook dinner on the grill, have a picnic in the park, go kite flying or visit a farm. Unplugging can encourage you to deepen your connection to the Earth and explore that connection.

Practice Yoga Outside

Yoga in the park is becoming a popular trend, but if the park isn’t an option for you, yoga in the yard, yoga on the balcony or yoga in the garden might be a better fit for your situation. Sun salutations are an excellent way to commemorate special occasions. Instead of doing the ceremonial 108 sun salutations, perhaps you want to do 22. Try ending your session with a meditation, sending healing energy, love, and gratitude to the Earth.

Plant something

Today is a great day to plant a seed or a transplant. It can be one plant or an entire garden plot. It can be indoors or outside. If you already have plenty of green babies in your space, this could be the perfect time for repotting, soil refreshing and fertilizing. It could become your yearly potted plant care ritual. Plants, edible or not, help purify the air, retain moisture in the air, provide oxygen while removing carbon dioxide and a whole lot more. When you plant edible plants, you’re giving yourself and your family a steady food source, even if it is just some lettuce or carrots. It’s one thing that you don’t have to depend on your grocer for.

However, you decide to honor the Earth this year is up to you. It’s the perfect day to keep the car in the garage, go for a bike ride, take a hike or make something brand new out of recycled materials (like the children do at school). Get creative and let us know what your plans are for this Earth Day by commenting below.

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