The Significance of the Moon Phases

The moon phases do a lot more than just push and pull the ocean tides and mark our months. The lunar cycle affects us mentally, physically and energetically. Are you familiar with the wordlunatic? It is rooted in the Latin wordluna, for the moon. It was believed that lunacy was related to the fluctuations of the lunar phases. Have you ever noticed any strange phenomenon or a shift in your mood when the moon is full and bright? Do you get more impatient? Are the children more rambunctious? Does the world just seem a little odd? If you have observed these subtle or maybe not so subtle shifts in energy, you are in excellent company. 

Physical Significance

It may seem a little woo woo or esoteric that our physical bodies and health are affected by the moon, but there is evidence that supports the correlation. Because our bodies contain a significant amount of water, we are subject to the forces of the moon, just like the oceans. That is why taking part in or abstaining from certain activities at certain times of the month can prove to be more beneficial than at other times.

  • Your heart tends to be at peak performance during the full and new moon. Getting some cardio in during these times can maximize its benefits.

  • Kidney stones seem to be more painful during the full moon, but less painful during a new moon. Hospitals also tend to see an uptick in urological cases during a full moon.

  • Yoursleep patterns are also affected by the moon. The brighter the moon phase, the more likely you are to experience increased restlessness and about 30% less REM sleep.

Energetic Significance

Each phase of the lunar cycle gives a different level of energy. From the new moon to the full moon, the moon is waxing or increasing invisibility. This is a time of rising energy. It represents intentions, hopes, and dreams. And as the moon wanes, its energy is declining and urging us to slow down and reflect. With each lunar cycle, the moon travels across the night sky, fair skies or not, it offers us its wisdom and light. 

New Moon

The new moon is the perfect time to set your intentions (short-term or long-term) with the La Nirvana Moon Phase Spiritual Bath Box. This phase carries very fresh and potent energy that encourages us to go inward. The darkness is a great time to tune into your own inner light. 

Waxing Crescent

As the moon begins to pick up energetic speed you may feel more energized and upbeat. Intentionally focus that energy into creative and constructive pursuits. 

First Quarter

By this phase, most people are ready to start taking action as the energy of the moon continues to rise. It is important to note that as the moon and its energy grows, so do the things we put into the universe during this time. Staying focused on what you want to manifest is imperative during this time.

Full Moon

The moon has peaked and its energy is at its height. You may feel super creative or anxious for something to happen. It’s okay to give in to the changes that are taking place and roll with the phases. Stay tuned into your energy and frequency because you are likely to experience some great insights. 

Last Quarter

As the moon is growing dimmer, you may find that you are more aware of how things come to an end. You may feel the downshifting of lunar energy. This is the time to reflect and release and to honor the Earth’s natural rhythms.

Waning Crescent

It is now clear that the cycle is very near its end. This is a good time to intentionally let go of the things that do not serve you. You may begin to feel more tired and less energetic, so give yourself permission to feel all the feels and go with the flow.

During the dark moon, those dark and moonless nights before the new moon, it helps to rest and rejuvenate. Being aware of this natural rhythm can help to bring more balance, connections, and awareness to your life. By turning inward, we are able to increase our focus and add a new layer to our meditation and self-care practices. 

Peace and Blessings!

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