Our sense of smell helps to imprint people, places, things and entire moments in our brains. It is absolutely amazing how the smell of nutmeg takes me to my grandmother’s house when a freshly baked sweet potato pie is being sliced. There is something about the smell of something familiar like freshly baked cookies, jasmine or pine trees that can make everything that’s going on stop and melt into the background, leaving you to a moment of zen. It is mind-boggling that a wafting aroma can do a lot to change our moods and our thoughts.
What is candle therapy?
Candle therapy is also referred to as sensory candle therapy.  It works a lot like aromatherapy in that it utilizes the fragrance of candles to alter the different energies in your life. Combining it with light and sound can create a more balanced or enhanced experience. Candle therapy can also reference ear candling, an alternative way of removing wax and other debris for the ear canal. We will be discussing the first reference here.

When engaging in candle therapy, both the color and the fragrance of the candle coupled with intention have an effect. This is particularly true of chakra cleansing candles. The color of the candle has an effect on the corresponding chakra. Colored candles are also used in rituals. Black is the most powerful, absorbing and disrupting negative energies. White cleanses, protects and enhances spirituality. Yellow enhances clairvoyance, communication and is mentally stimulating. Blue helps with forgiveness, meditation and finding peace. The metaphysical properties of colors are not related to the colors associated with the chakras.

Candle therapy can take on many different forms, and each has its own merits. How you choose to use your candle is up to you, but if you are looking for a holistic and spiritual approach bring your best intentions and an open heart. You can combine it with meditation, your self-care routine or whatever else makes your heart shine.

What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is an alternative health treatment that uses very specific essential oil simples or combinations to alter the mood or cognition. In some instances, it is used as a supplemental medicine. That’s just the surface. It can also involve carrier oils, phytoncides, vaporizer oils and quite a bit more.

The art of aromatherapy seems very simple on the surface, but if you are looking for the best results, it’s a good idea to consult a trained aromatherapist. Synergy is one of the most important pieces of aromatherapy. The oils need to be mixed carefully and mindfully so that the oils work together and not against one another.

Sometimes the blended oils are placed on jewelry, like bracelets made from lava stone, that can deliver longer-lasting effects. Other times they can be placed in a diffuser or in a bottle to be administered as needed.

Why do you need this in your life?
I’ll call it olfactory meditation. Because you deserve to have a clear mind and an uplifted spirit. Because there is nothing like lighting a beautiful candle that takes you to another time and place. You need to try candle therapy because it is a way to help you relax and release what no longer serves you.

The bottom line is that both aromatherapy and candle therapy can help relieve stress, increase your energy levels, speed healing, promote more restful sleep and so much more. You can integrate them into your life in many ways. Whether you just want to fill your home or other space with beautiful scents, perform rituals or attend to your spiritual, mental or physical needs in a more holistic way, purposefully incorporating safe, non-toxic scents into your daily routine can have far-reaching effects. Who knows, maybe you’ll create an olfactory memory for someone, allowing you one more road into remembrance.
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