Is Finding Balance a Realistic Goal?

As a busy woman who wears many hats, I find balance to be a theme that keeps coming up in my life. This is likely because balance is something that we have to constantly maintain. Finding balance is an ongoing endeavor, because life happens. Sometimes I think I've got it, and other days I'm just not there. There is this constant push and pull that happens day in and day out.

When there's harmony in our lives we tend to feel more engaged with our lives and become more purpose driven. When there is balance it's easy to find meaning and joy in each day. And lastly, balance often brings focus and clarity. So, what can we do to balance the scales and live a more purpose driven life? Is there some top secret formula? Is balance even a realistic goal?

Although there's no prescribed formula for attaining balance, you have the power to define what balance is for you and what that looks like. As individuals, balance or an agreeable life looks different for everyone. The truth is that the nature of balance involves experiencing polar opposites. Swinging too far one way means leaving something out. But attending to the things that are important to you will leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished. When you stop overindulging in the things that are taking you away from happiness and peace of mind.

The Importance of Values

It is very helpful to know your values. When you know what is important to you, you can center your thoughts and actions around those persons, attributes and activities. Your values will determine where and how you spend, exchange or share your energy. What you value will also affect your actions, thoughts and speech. Being clear on your values and what you stand for makes it a lot easier to match what goes on inside to what goes on outside.

Be Intentional and Specific

Getting to a place of balance will require you to be specific about your goals. There's no harm in visualizing your goals and really envisioning yourself living your dream life. In fact, this type of mental exercise can do a lot more than you may think for bringing about the life you really want to live and the mindset you will need to be successful in your endeavors. When you move with intention, you are better able to map out your day, your month, your year and so on. This is the power of setting short-term and long-term goals.

Be specific about your goals and conquests. You want to have a specific endpoint in mind. This will help you to measure your success, productivity and accomplishments. Don't say, "I want to get plenty of rest tonight," or "I need to be productive today." What you want to say is, "I'm going to bed at 10 pm tonight," or "Today I will crush these four specific tasks." Affirm your ability to handle or take on certain things and watch how your approach to life changes. Even if you end up in bed at 10:30 or only tackle three of your tasks, you aren't too far off and you are aware of how you are spending your time and energy.


When you are aware of how you are spending and sharing your energy, you are more likely to make better use of both your time and energy. Finding balance and equilibrium becomes more attainable because you are better equipped to rearrange your schedule and emotions and anything else that needs you attention in a more harmonious way.

As I mentioned earlier, the very nature of balance involves imbalance, disproportion and lopsidedness at times. Even nature experiences these swings to and fro. The vernal and autumnal equinoxes are great examples of this. On the equinoxes, there are equal amounts of day and night. That's the way it's typically explained. But the reality is that the equinox is a moment in time, and when it's passed, the scales are once again back in motion.

Balance is about navigating harmony, not finding a specific point and nailing it. Even when you think you've achieved true balance, don't be discouraged when the pendulum swings once more. You can rest assured that balance is something that can happen again and again and again and again. Keep collecting the moments and celebrating your existence.


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