Reignite Your Creativity

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a creative rut? We recite affirmations, carve out time for self-care and we meditate. We're told to make vision boards and tune in to our inner voice, but sometimes we're just not feeling it. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to solve a particular problem, finish your book, paint that picture or design a new product. Here are a few tips to get you on the road to reignite your creative flame. After all, the things we nurture are sure to blossom.

Stop Procrastinating

The art of wasting time. A passive form of resistance. Whatever you call it, procrastination is a real drain on the creative flow. But how do we get around this pesky and all too familiar urge? One way is to approach tasks and goals in manageable pieces. Climbing a mountain may not seem so overwhelming as climbing a couple of hills. Another way to combat procrastination is to give yourself deadlines. When there is an end in sight, you are more likely to be better motivated. It also helps to stop making excuses. When excuses come up, ask yourself if it's promoting your end goal.

Do Something Different

Stepping out of your comfort zone or your routine can open up a door to new possibilities. Since life often requires us to adapt and pivot to see improved results, moving differently can be a game changer. Learning is another one of those life altering things. Life is all about learning, so it is safe to say that the more you learn the more you have to pivot. New information causes us to reassess, make changes and think differently. Switching up your routine is just the kind of nudge we can use to get those creative juices flowing again. Not to mention, learning new things is just fun.

Get Moving

Exercise isn't only good for getting fit and tone. Exercise releases hormones and endorphins that change your disposition, reduce stress and leave you a bit more clear headed. Alternatively, you can go for a walk, run or jog. Go sit by a river or creek and just take in what nature has to offer. Fresh air and an increased heart rate can revitalize your creativity in ways you may have never imagined. Moving around also tends to put your focus somewhere else, allowing your creativity to move without you being aware that it's active.

Interact with Others

Having a conversation with someone can spark an idea. You can also use others as a soundboard to help you develop an idea or give you an honest opinion on what you're thinking. Consider other perspectives and be aware of your need for diversity. Speaking with a mentor or someone considerably younger than you are great ways to shake up your perspective and teach you some new tricks.

Find Inspiration

There is absolutely nothing new under the sun. Everything has already been done before on some level. But this is not an excuse to hit the brakes on your creativity. Just because it's been done before doesn't mean that you shouldn't put your own stamp on it. After all, there's only one you, and only you can bring what you bring. Don't be afraid of being influenced by someone else's creative work. Run to it and find your sweet spot. Don't forget to record your creative rumblings in a notebook or a device. Forgetting a great idea is painful.

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, we all hold creative energy and we are all creatives. There are tons of distractions out there, from analytics to social media to our own insecurities. But when we focus on nurturing creativity, it becomes a bit easier to crowd out the distractions and actually be productive. Opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and enhanced energy flow can boost or reboot your creativity. Give some of these suggestions a try. You may be pleasantly surprised at how the stagnant energy dissipates, giving way to new horizons.

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