How to Reclaim Your Power

Power is the freedom of having both mental clarity and inner peace. Each one of us has our own power. It's not earned, it's not given. It simply is. Just like humans are born with skin, organs and cells, humans are also born with inherent power. You've had the POWER all along. This world can sometimes convince us to limit our self-belief. Society makes it seem like all the good things in life are meant only for "specific" individuals or the "lucky" ones. There is no such thing as luck, but your inherent power is real.

Know What Giving Your Power Away Looks Like

There are many ways we offer our power up on a silver platter. We allow others to control how we feel, what we think and how we react. But it doesn't have to be this way. When we take control of ourselves, we free ourselves to be who we want to be in any given moment, to feel and think how we want to feel and think. Here are some ways you can put your power in someone else's hands:

  • Complaining. There is a big difference between complaining and problem solving. Complaining/venting can keep you from creating a solution.
  • Making Excuses. When you don't take responsibility for your actions or the role you play in any given scenario, you are giving your power away. Always acknowledge that you have choices.
  • Blending in. You were not born to blend in. You are a unique individual and you manifest your talents differently. Trying to fit in with the crowd veils the real you.
  • Unclear values. When you are not clear on what is important to you and what you value, you are more likely to be persuaded to fit into someone else's ideals.

Now that you know what giving your power away can look like, you can do more to hold on to your power and bask in it. Despite what a lot of society tells us, we are in control of our lives and how they play out. We all have choices to make and choices to create.

Rewrite Your Story

Remember, you have the power. You don't have to be the victim in your story. Tell your story in a way that makes you the victor and the focal point. One of the ways you can begin to rewrite your own story is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Whether it's fear or anger or joy, you have to let them come to you and move through them. Allowing yourself to be and flow will help you to heal and reconcile. your emotions. For instance, instead of complaining about work you can change the narrative and say, "I am such an asset at work. My ability to organize and empathize with clients makes me the best choice for running the front desk when the receptionist is out. Of course, this means more work for me, but I am sharpening skills that I will need as my career progresses."

Stop Saying "Yes"

It is true that sometimes saying yes can grow into some pretty epic opportunities, but it is also true that sometimes saying yes can lead to burn out. Trying to please everyone is one sure fire way to leave you feeling overwhelmed, empty and powerless. If you don't feel comfortable obliging a request, don't oblige. If you don't have the time to devote to the task, don't take it on. If you're uninterested, don't do it. If you're concerned about burning a bridge, be gracious in your denial and do it in a way that leaves the door open for better timing. Saying no means that you are considering your spirit and your needs. It also means that when you do say yes, you are more likely to be present, engaged, thorough and in control.

Reclaiming your power is all about being the master of self, your happiness, your emotions, your attitude and the way you show up in the world. There is no better feeling than knowing that you know yourself, and that you are the master of your own fate. You become what you think, so do your best to project positivity over your life while allowing life to flow--don't try to force it. This is when you receive positive outcomes. Life abundance is granted to those who believe and those who know their own worth. There's so much to look forward to when you reclaim your power and begin living the life of your dreams, your way. May you keep reclaiming your power, master your power and stand in that power.

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