Does the Shape of a Crystal Matter?

Shapes have played a major role throughout history. For instance pyramids have been considered a sacred shape for millennia. This is why it's such a popular shape in crystal healing. It will amplify your intentions to the Universe and infuse things with higher frequency vibrations. Applying shapes to healing crystals only heightens their purpose, their properties, their medicine. There are tumbled, double terminated, sphere and plenty of other shapes; which may leave you wondering if the shape of a crystal matters.

Here are some of the more commonly seen shapes you will find crystals in. Some shapes like points and wands can occur naturally, while shapes like hearts and spheres are shaped by human hands and machinery.


Pendulums make great jewelry pieces. They are also strong protectors and healers when you wear them. Their ability to pinpoint imbalances in the body makes then a favorite tool of experienced energy workers.


Pointed crystals are probably pretty familiar to most people. One is pointed and the other end is raw or rough. Points and other shapes that are reminiscent of pyramids take in energy through the point or spread high vibration energy outward. Points are great for moving energy in one specific direction. This shape is great for beginners and has a wide range of applications, including manifestation work and breaking old patterns.


The crystal wand is often rounded on one end and flat on the other. They can also be flat on both ends or pointed on one end and rounded on the other. Wands tend to be longer than four inches and are great for directing a flow of energy. They are a favorite among energy workers and masseuses. Rounded ends draw away negative energy and points focuses positive energy.


This aerodynamic shaped crystal has a pointed tip and a flat bottom. Crystal towers look like miniature obelisks and can stand up on their own. This shape makes towers extremely potent and allows them to energize people and things that come near it. A tower focuses and direct energies from its point. They can both manifest and amplify.

Double Terminated

Double terminated means that a crystal has two pointed ends. Their strength lies in  having two points to send out, move and receive energies. Points will take on whatever role they need to according to the energy it is presented with because double termination provides balance.


Egg shaped crystals are often used in women's health, acupressure and reflexology. They support new beginnings. Not only are they very pleasing to look at, they are also excellent at seeking out energetic imbalances. When your aura could use some strengthening, healing or shielding, an egg shaped crystal is a great choice.


Heart shaped crystals attract loving energy and works well with your mental body. It can work to dispel grief and sadness and even improve fertility. If you're experiencing a lot of negative emotions and thoughts, a heart shaped crystal can also attract energy to assist with navigating those spaces.

Healing crystals are such a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. They can serve many purposes in our journeys. Crystals can be used to help deal with trauma, take away things that no longer serve us, align and open chakras, and so much more. These beautiful and earthen gifts have been used for centuries to support and facilitate spiritual practices, overall wellness and energetic healing.

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