Welcoming the Fall Equinox

Summer is winding down fast. Sunsets are blooming earlier, fields are empty or full of drying seed crops. The fall equinox will soon be upon us, inviting us to slow down a little and honor the changing of the season. When the equinox hits, there will be equal daylight and night hours--a celestial balance. The beauty and harmony of the Universe is nothing short of amazing.

Ways to Honor the Fall Equinox

Throughout time, many cultures have documented the changing of the seasons with celebrations and rituals. After all, it is these changes that make life and time possible on our beautiful planet. Although things are slowing down and the weather will undoubtedly start to shift, it is a signal to us that we need rest and fortifies ourselves. As we approach this autumn, here are a few ways you can honor the season.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Take on a chakra balancing meditation. With day and night sharing equal time, it's the perfect time to strike a similar balance within. Incorporate crystals, singing bowls, or a guide to support your meditation if you like. When you restore a harmonious flow of energy within yourself, you may be surprised at how many things seem to fall in place.

Energy Cleanse

The turn of any season is the perfect time to do a deep energy cleanse for both yourself and your home. Smudge yourself, take a spiritual or ritual bath, visit an energy worker, or sit in meditation. You can also do some fall cleaning and smudge your home. It's also a good time to cleanse and charge your crystals and reiterate intentions and goals. Your energy is divine and worth protecting, and so are your home and sacred space.

Gratitude Ritual

Light a candle and speak out loud all of the things you are grateful for and why. You can also write it down. Once you finish reciting your gratitudes, start to quiet your mind, gaze into the flame, and turn your thoughts and intentions to abundance. You can also write thank you notes to all those in your community or circle who you are grateful for. Not only will you be honoring the season, but you will also be honoring those people and the things that mean something to you.

If you would like to honor your favorite biking trail, river, or forest, now is a good time to leave offerings or gifts there as a token of your gratitude.

Harvest Ritual

Whether you have a garden or not, you can hold a harvest ritual. You can either harvest some edible plants, herbs or flowers, or buy some seasonal items to commemorate the season. Lillies, winter squash, peanuts, tobacco, mums, oregano, marigold, and corn are just some items that you can use. Be joyful and intentional with your choices. You can prepare a meal with your harvest and decorate your space. You can also share it with friends and family. Welcome the change and give thanks for the summer's bounty. Offer a prayer to or for the Earth to show gratitude.

Whatever you do to bring in the fall and acknowledge its presence and energy, just be sure to be intentional about what you do. Set new goals, reassess current goals, and take some time to be grateful for all of the awesome opportunities and connections you've made this summer.

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13 September, 2021


I am grateful for Mother Earth! I also give thanks for this publication!

13 September, 2021


Thank you 🍁❤.

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