The Art of Intuition

Have you ever known a specific something would happen, and then it happens? I'm not talking Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends type of "knowing." I'm talking about that little voice that says to you, "Pick up that box before you stub your toe," or "So and so is not your friend and cannot be trusted." Some people call it intuition, others call it self-trust and some refer to it as a gut feeling. Science calls it unconscious associative process. Whatever you want to call it, it's important to cultivate a strong connection to this alternate sense.

When you're faced with an important decision, you want your intuition to step in and help you save the day. Although we are conscious and logical beings, far more brain activity happens under the conscious radar. In fact, the larger portion of our thought occurs unbeknownst to us. That's intuition. It is a valid and vital part of a happier and safer existence. How many times have you ignored your inner voice only to kick yourself in the rear for not doing what it told you to do? If you're anything like me, you lost count many, many years ago.

If you feel as though you have lost your connection to your intuition, all is not lost. If you're alive, it's in there. You just have to work on your awareness. Here are a few suggestions on how you can work on boosting your intuition. It could save your life one day, or someone you love.

1. Patience

Living life helps to build intuition. The longer you're around and the more observant you are, the stronger your intuition will become. As you experience things, you learn valuable lessons that are logged in your subconscious, the seat of your inner voice. Taking your time is important, because when we feel rushed, we often fail to notice things--things that could make a major difference. Patience truly is a virtue. So many things come into focus when we allow just a little more time, and intuition will certainly become clearer the more time we give it and ourselves.

2. Awareness

How aware are you of yourself and your surroundings? Improving your awareness will help to boost your intuition. One way to boost self-awareness is to practice mindfulness or meditation. This makes you more in tune with your true self and allows you to tap more deeply into your inner wisdom. You are nurturing a relationship with yourself that allows you to trust yourself to make better choices. This subtle knowing can become more clear the more time we spend with ourselves. The more we take on our fears, our discomforts, our motives, our emotions and our attitudes.

3. Trust

Trusting in your ability to know what's best for you comes along with increased self-awareness. Take a moment and think. Even babies know what they need. They know when they need food, sleep and affection. Of course, these are all basic human needs, but humans understand these things instinctively. Don't be afraid to listen to yourself and see where it leads you. Trust yourself to know what to do and how to figure things out. Figuring things out isn't always a solitary undertaking. Sometimes it's a group activity, but the final decision rests on you.

Now that you've got a few tips to get you started thinking about how you can strengthen your intuition and your ability to honor it, I hope that you will do just that. Remember, you are capable and you know more than you think you know.


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